Clean, Consistent, Perfect Burn.

Transworld Motocross “Top 5 Products all-time for 2-Strokes”

TWMX “The best bolt-on accessories we’ve ever come across for two-strokes.  The ibooster intensifies your spark plugs spark and the improvement on a two-stoke is incredible.”

What Does iBooster Do To Your Engine?

In the perfect world your engine is already designed to perform at its best. In unique situations it is capable of doing just that, as long as your fuel quality is perfect, there is the right atmospheric pressure, your jetting is spot on, your air filter is clean and not over oiled, there is a consistent load on the engine and your engine is motionless. If all these conditions are met, your engine will perform at 100%. For all the other situations there is the iBOOSTER. The iBOOSTER basically burns though the inconsistency’s and helps your engine to do what it should be doing: clean, consistent, perfect burn.

  • Maximum fuel burn
  • Drastically improves Hot Starting
  • Works style throttle response
  • Great for new EFI models
  • More horsepower and torque
  • Better response at all RPM´s
  • Compatible with stock and/or modified ignitions
  • Durable, sturdy easy to install
  • OEM quality construction
  • Available for all motorcycle engines