About Us


The original IKAT product was developed in the UK in 1998 and achieved a proven track record on delivering efficiency gains for combustion engines. The IKAT product has been on the market since 1998 and in 2005 the iBOOSTER brand was developed in order to address the evolution of the original IKAT product developed in the UK. Similarly, both products carry a manufactured high voltage diode with fast recovery times. However, given the inconsistent and poor fuel quality offered in markets outside of USA and Europe, IKAT do Brasil developed several variations of the same product in order to achieve the expected results in the local markets.

After two years of dyno and field testing, the current version of the iBOOSTER is actually the 5th generation of the original IKAT product developed in the UK. The iBOOSTER is now entirely industrialized and contains different internal electronics that target more specific Motorcycle, ATV, SxS, Snowmobile, Water Vehicle and boat applications. Development of a product line for automotive applications is currently under analysis.

Company History

Booster Motorsports, manufacture of iBOOSTER, has represented the IKAT product in the USA for 10 years. As of January 2008 IKAT of Brazil and IKAT USA merged into a single entity and in that same month IKAT USA began to supply the updated iBOOSTER product line into the US market. Since then, iBOOSTER brand replaced the iCAT and/or iKAT brand and maintained WPS (Western Power Sports) as a distributor in the USA. As of November 2009, the company celebrated an exclusive distribution deal with a South American distributor with a 3000 dealers network to distribute the iBOOSTER product line to the motorcycle segment.


iBOOSTER products has enjoyed a successful relationship with longtime distributors in the US with Western Power Sports (WPS) and Speed Merchant in Canada and our products can be found at their respective dealerships across the country.

With the revival of the two-stroke motocross market, iBOOSTER is also a proud sponsor for Two-Stroke Motocross National racing team.