I don’t have PAY PAL, can I still order?

YES, simply use the Pay Pal to enter your credit card or debit number. You DO NOT have to have a PAY PAL account.

Does iBOOSTER Ship Internationally (Outside USA)?

Yes, we will ship the iBOOSTER outside of the USA.  The flat rate for shipping International is $10.00 USD

Is the iBOOSTER similar to the Roost Boost

Not at all. The iBOOSTER has NOTHING in common with the previous product launched years ago. The ROOST BOOST was an additional coil whose benefits could only be noticed on the top end and the product was not reliable. The iBOOSTER is NOT A COIL, the benefits to the power band can be noticed down in the RPM range and its extremly durable.

How does it work?

The iBOOSTER allows more time for the fuel to burn. This allows for an efficient combustion to happen. It operates with the same voltage that is released from the coil and the same ignition mapping. Therefore it does NOT alter the voltage and ignition mapping of your bike. It enhances both stock or high performance ignition systems by allowing the same volume of electricity to pass through the system albeit slower which keeps the spark ON for a longer period of time (only few nanoseconds more). It also has a fast recovery time in order to engage the next spark quicker. The concept behind the system is to release electricity slower into the combustion chamber but recover electricity faster for the next spark. This allows for the motor to achieve maximum fuel burn with a quicker reset time between sparks.

Can the iBOOSTER cause any damange to my engine?

NO. On the contrary. Over time you should achieve less carbonization of the piston and valves and less operating heats. HOW? In case the fuel/air mixture is “rich” the iBOOSTER will burn excess fuel that usually causes heat and carbon build up on the engine. In case the fuel/air mixture is “lean” the iBOOSTER can optimize the fuel burn and actually burn more fuel that the original ignition would never be able to burn. In addition, the iBOOSTER can protect your ignition system from rare but devastating reverse discharges that are the culprits for many failed coils and CDI´s. HOW? The internal eletronics have minimum and maximum operating voltages and also blocks discharges that come from the sparkplug. Note that most engine/piston damages are caused by suboptimal fuel/air intake and rarely, if ever, by faulty ignition or ignition enhancements.

How durable is it?

The current version of the iBOOSTER has less than a 1% failure rate. When the product ‘fails’ it simply does not work, it does not damage the engine whatsoever. With a high impact casing, heat resistant material and the no moving parts The iBOOSTER lasts years even under hardcore usage.

The iBOOSTER offers a 100% lifetime warranty.

What is the difference between the iBOOSTER and the iKAT?

The iKAT technology was developed in 1998. The iBOOSTER was developed using the iKAT technology as a starting point. There are two main evolutions from the original iKAT system. First, the internal electronics of the iBOOSTER were devised for bike specific/voltage specific applications whereas the previous iKAT was a “one size fits all”. The tailor made, bike specific electronics were achieved after 2 years of several lab and field tests allowing for a better performance for all motorcycles at all displacements. Second, the product is now entirely industrialized by a world-class OEM automotive supplier and individually tested prior to shipping. This allows for improved reliability and durability of the system.

Can the iBOOSTER run with EFI and high performance ignitions?

Yes. Regarding EFI equipped motorcycles, the results are impressive. Why? With EFI, gone are the inefficiencies of the carburator and with an optimized fuel/air mixture, distortions on the intake are minimal. A better fuel/air mixture improves the burn rate and results the iBOOSTER could acheive. Regarding high performance ignitions, the iBOOSTER does NOT alter the mapping of choice but it improves on any mapping, including aftermarket customized settings. This happens because the CDI, coil and spark plug are separated from each other and settings at the CDI get distorted by the time they reach the spark plug. With the iBOOSTER the quality of the burn is preserved as initially intended at the CDI.

What about 2 strokes, will it work?

Absolutely. Two stroke motors suffer at the bottom end of the torque curve and the iBOOSTER adds notable bottom RPM strength and has a significant overall impact on 2 stroke motors.

How much performance should I expect to get?

A pilot should notice a better starting engine hot or cold as the first impact. Second, for most motorcycles, the pilot will notice that the response and pull from bottom to mid is most noticeable: i.e. race starts or exiting a corner. Third, the motor should also pull longer after it reached its peak; achieving a broader power band to the rev limiter. The motor should reach the horsepower peak sooner i.e. it will take less time to reach the peak. Also, at any given RPM the motor should react quicker, improving the “whack” factor of your engine. A noticeable torque gain under load, i.e. going up a hill is also noticed.

What should I NOT expect?

The iBOOSTER does not improve the peak horsepower significantly. Albeit in some models the peak horsepower rose by ½ horsepower at best. However the best horsepower gains were noticed on bottom to mid RPM´s and after the peak horsepower. Torque is also improved in the same ranges. Most likely the peak horsepower should be equal to slightly better than stock.

What about emissions and consumption?

The iBOOSTER will reduce emissions drastically and will improve consumptions slightly. In fact it was designed for this purpose originally. At the time of its development, the iBOOSTER’s achievements on performance were viewed at the time as a secondary benefit.

Any long-term benefit?

Engines with the iBOOSTER tend to run cooler as a result of the better burn since most of the heat is generated by the pre-combustion unburned fuel that heats up the cylinder cam, valves and exhaust systems.

Should I use race gas or pump gas?

It does not matter. The performance is enhanced commensurate to the quality of the fuel being used. The iBOOSTER was designed to burn “bad” fuel that usually takes longer to fully ignite. Fuel quality with 91 or lower octane rating have higher alcohol/methanol content as well as other additives mixed into the gas. In some countries the alcohol content of gas can reach beyond 25%. In these cases the iBOOSTER becomes almost a necessity since most ignition systems are not efficient in burning alcohol rich fuel at lower RPM’s.



Can you cut the cable for fitting?

Yes on the iBOOSTER F1 and F3 models. Some customers prefer to cut the cable to keep the iBOOSTER from dangling or having to fix it onto the frame. You need to leave at least 2″ (two inches) of cable. Regarding the F2, we suggest not to cut the cable.

Any other installation requirement?

We strongly suggest that the connections should be insulated from water, dust and other elements that can make their way into the iBOOSTER. Also, insulation prevents from the occurence of eletrical current leakages.



What problems can the iBOOSTER have?

Most problems from the iBOOSTER are associated with a poor installation. In cases where there is a product malfunction we will replace this unit with a new one.

What if the engine does not start after installation?

First check that the cables are snug, without play on the connectors. For owner of the F1 and F3 models, If the problem persist, try disconnecting iBOOSTER body from all cables and reversing the installation on the cables. It is possible that the internal electronics of the system reversed as a safety mechanism not allowing the electrical current to flow in its original path. Reversing the installation should correct this. If the problem persists please contact your dealer for a replacement. Owners of the F2 model should check If the connection to the spark plug is tight and the cable is installed all the way inside the original spark plug. If the problem persists F2 owners should contact your dealer for a replacement.

There is a lot of electrical current leakage. What should I do?

Insulate all connections, entry and exit points. If the problem persists try insulating the whole unit and cable. If still not optimal contact your dealer for a replacement.