Technical Info

What does the iBOOSTER do for your engine?

The iBOOSTER burns though inconsistency’s and helps your engine to do what it should be doing: clean, consistent, perfect burn.  In short, a spark plug enhancer.

The iBOOSTER is instant increase for fuel quality, atmospheric pressure, jetting, and air induction, it makes your engine run smoother and stronger.

In a racing environment, the higher compression motors have a tendency to blow out the spark under a heavy load. This can happen on an uphill, exiting corners, faces of jumps, landing from jumps, any where the engine is having to really pull. The iBOOSTER gives the spark enough strength to ignite the fuel/air mixture under these extreme conditions.

  • Increase power under load
  • Improve throttle response
  • Reduce Engine operation temperature
  • Reduce fuel consumption
  • Reduce exhaust emissions
  • Increase torque and responsiveness

The iBOOSTER can be fitted to all gas spark ignition engines, MX, SMB, ATV, SxS, Street, Water Vehicle…..

Transworld Motocross: (2-Stroke Test):

“Do you want your bike to run a little better, your 2-stroke or 4-stroke, do you want your bike to have better throttle response, better snap, better bottom end.  Get yourself increased performance, just like that.  Under $100, better bottom end, better snap, I guarantee it.

Motocross Action Magazine:

5 out of 5  “We had our doubts as we prior experience with capacitor style spark boosters that left us disappointed.  Not so with iBooster.  Whatever it is, it worked and even a functional idiot can install it.”

Transworld Motocross (4-Stroke Test)

10 out of 10 “The iBooster is easily worth the money. Starting, especially when hot, is the biggest downfall of four-strokes.  Modify your bike and starting becomes an even bigger nightmare.  Not so with an iBooster installed! The iBooster gives modest performance gains but the price to ensure that your bike fires up more easily in the middle of a moto is worth it!”

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